Raffle Fundraisers for Lions Clubs

If your Lions Club has been looking for a way to raise maximum funds without maximum effort, look no further.   Our proprietary raffle management system allows you to manage members, customers and ticket sales from any device.

Add Sum Cards Raffles have been helping Lions Clubs meet and exceed their fundraising goals for years.  Our raffles are customizable so your Lions Club can raise the most money for YOUR demographics.  Not sure what’s best?  We have years of experience and can definitely provide you with some suggestions that have been proven to work for other Lions Clubs.

Our system is simple.  Your Lions Club purchases a Raffle kit.  You decide how much to charge for tickets, how many winners to pay out and how much to pay the winners and then sell the raffle tickets.  Your Lions Club keeps 100% of the profit.   Unlike other companies, we have no interest in keeping a percentage of your effort or profits.  You keep 100% of the profit!

Call us or send us an email and let us show you how easy and profitable our Lions Club raffle fundraisers can be!

Raffle Feature Highlights

Choose number of tickets

Select number of raffle tickets to sell from 500 to 5000.

Choose Payout Spots

Choose how many winners you wish to have

Choose Prize Money

Choose how much to payout for each winning spot.

Keep 100% of Profits

Your charity keeps 100% of profit from ticket sales.

Choose Ticket Price

Choose the price you wish to charge for tickets.

Exclusive Winners

Winners only selected from YOUR ticket sales.

Track Ticket Sales

Easily track ticket sales for your raffle.

Charity Branding

Software, emails and results page are branded to your charity's likeness.

Interactive Results Page

Customers can download, view digital versions of their tickets.

Manage Members

Easily manage charity members and their tickets to sell.

Manage Customers

Easily manage customers.  Automatically builds your own customer list.

Football FeverPro Football based raffle fundraiser.

  • Based on Current Year NFL Schedule
  • Use from 4 to 17 weeks for your raffle
  • Use 3 or 4 teams per ticket every week
  • Winners selected weekly
Learn More

Road to the TotalNCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Road to the Total - Lions Club Raffle Fundraiser

  • Current Year NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
  • 4 teams per ticket for the tournament
  • Based on running total for tournament
  • Winners selected when tournament completes
Learn More

Run SumMajor League Baseball - Any Week

Run Sum - Lions Club Raffle Fundraiser

  • Based On Current Year MLB Schedule
  • Use any regular season week
  • 4 teams per day
  • Winners selected daily
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